Manufacturing and Distribution
Manufacturing and Distribution

Our business is your business.

For nearly four decades at AKT, we have been serving manufacturers and distributors across the western United States with industry-specific business counsel and services. Through the years, we've seen many challenges affect these industries. Yet, despite increasing foreign competition, ever-more-demanding government regulations, rising costs of labor, and the multitude of other pressures incumbent upon today's American manufacturers and distributors, these industries continue to thrive.

Our mission as AKT's Manufacturing and Distribution Services Group is to provide our clients, today's manufacturers and distributors, with the right business and management insight to help them reach their goals. Our many years of experience allow us to fulfill that mission, as we help our clients both identify and clarify their individual challenges and then deliver solutions to optimize success. Our holistic approach to identifying and solving client issues ensures we help you find the right answers for your business on every level.

Our Manufacturing and Distribution Services Team consists of highly-qualified professionals who are focused on helping manufacturers and distributors succeed. Each team member is highly knowledgeable of industry practices and values and is well-versed in current industry trends and challenges. Their services are designed to provide our clients with the timely, accurate and relevant financial information that is imperative to their success.

With Our Resources, We Provide Our Clients The Following Services:

  • Financial Statements
  • Operational Reviews
  • Inventory Costing Systems Design
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Transition Planning
    • Assurance Business Valuations
    • Information Technology Services
    • Benchmarking and Metric Analysis
    • Production/Inventory Tax Planning
    • International Tax Planning
    • Multi-state and Local Tax Planning